Who is the Smarter?

There was a barber serving a customer. Everyday he always told the customers that there was a stupid kid in his village who cannot count.

Shortly after the barber told about the stupid kid, suddenly the kid came and stood up in front of the door at the barber shop. Proudly, the barber want to tell the truth about his story to the customer.

''Hey, come here..! There are IDR 1000 and IDR 5000, which one do yo choose?''

Quickly the kid took IDR 1000 from the barber then he run. It seem the barber laugh out loud when he saw what the kid did. The customer felt astonished, why he took the smaller value of the money.

When the shaving finished, the customer looked for the kid. Finally he found the kid was eating an ice cream at the park.

The customer came closer and asked: ''Hey son, are you the kid who got the money from a barber?''

''Yeah, that's right Sir. What's up?'' asked the kid.

''The barber offered you the money, why you choose the smaller?''

''Yeah, if I took the big money, so the game was over.''

''What do you mean?'' asked the customer astonished.

''Because if I don't play dumb and took IDR 5000 I'll never get the money anymore.''

So, who is the smarter?
The barber or the kid?
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