The King Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom of mouse consist of king, queen, and prince. The king obsessed to ride the horse. After he had it, he tried to rode the horse. When he rode it, his body jumped up continously because his feet not reach the saddle, so he felt uncomfortable with his tail. He felt sick, so he asked an idea to his son. The prince suggested to use the pillow that was bundled on his bottom. Then he tried to ride the horse again, but his body got unstable until his crown fell down to the ground. The next idea came
from his servant, that the King's body had to bundled with the body of the horse. But this idea failed again. The King so frustated and got off from the horse.

Then the prince had an idea, he asked the King to follow him somewhere, where there was a toy horse. From the beginning, he disagreed because he felt ashamed, but he thought again and then agreed with the idea. Finally, he tried the toy horse and enjoyed it.
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