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The Smart Rabbit and The Crocodiles

The Smart Rabbit and The Crocodiles

The Smart Rabbit and The Crocodiles

Once upon a time, a rabbit wanted to cross a river but he could not swim. He had an idea. He saw a boss of crocodile swimming in the river. The smart rabbit asked the boss of crocodile, ''How many crocodile are there in the river?'' The boss of crocodile answer, ''We are twenty here.'' ''Where are they?'' the rabbit asked for the second time. ''What is it for?'' the Boss of crocodile asked.

''All of you are good, nice, gentle and kind, so i want to make a line in order. Latter I will know how kind you are,'' said the rabbit. Then, the boss of crocodile called all his friends and asked them to make a line in order from side to other side of the river. Just then, the rabbit started to count while jumping from one crocodile to another; one.... two.... three.... four..... until twenty, and finally, he thanked all crocodiles because he had crossed the river.

(taken from Buku Bahasa Inggris kelas XII SMA)

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